We want to live in a world where beautiful stationery and genuine conversation is the norm.  

When we are not swooning over paper samples or holding triangular pencils you can find us running our coaching business, drinking green juice, hanging upside down (in yoga, we are not bats) and laughing (usually at ourselves) a LOT. 

Our first capsule range of stationery has not only filled us with immense amount of joy, other people kind of like it too. 

Explore our little haven of stationery love here and find out more about what we do and who we love. 

Oh – and thanks for visiting. 

Big hugs.

Our Timeline

January 2015: Our discussions with paper merchants & printers begin.

February 2015: We are getting to meet more and more delightful people which we absolutely love.

March 2015: We bring on board our beautiful designers - DesignLine Creative - who take the dream strands from our heads & create beautiful pictures.

April 2015: To line or not to line – that is the question?

May 2015: We sample, blank, lined & triangle paper in an attempt to make decisions…

June 2015: Research & planning of our Crowdfunding campaign commences.

July 2015: Planning, planning, planning…and some other plans are made!

August 2015: Received samples! Faint in office with the sheer beauty of paper & copper foiling.

September 2015: The Crowdfunding campaign launches.

October 2015: Boxes of delight arrived in their loads (we are be surrounded by beautiful stationery.) Founder Kirsty, is found making a stationery den & office smells of pencils (remember that smell from school).

November 2015: The Crowdfunding campaign closes with lots of press & lovely supplier interest. First stockist confirmed. A happy triangular dance ensues.

December 2015: We pinch ourselves. Products begin being stocked in lovely stores around the UK and online.

January 2016: Return from the eating holiday & office still smells of pencils.

February 2016: The name &copperscribbles is born!!! Rebranding is underway! 

March 2016: Hello there! We launch! Properly! Here!